Expertwhite Brush-on Pen wand

screen-shot-2021-07-12-at-11.39.36-am.pngOur most potent expertwhite gel in a handy brush-on pen applicator tube. (No trays are needed). Our most potent strength gel, 44% carbamide peroxide, erases surface stains and penetrates the enamel, targeting intrinsic tooth stains that affect the color of your teeth. In addition, oxygen molecules from the expert white gel react with the discolored molecules in your teeth, breaking the bonds that hold them together—revealing your whitest teeth.

The purpose of this gel is for:
1. Touching up teeth on the go. Great for traveling or in your purse.
2. Targeting hard-to-reach areas between the teeth.
3. Refill for LED kit that does not use a tray.
4. Professional salon whitening using a blue LED light.

Brush teeth and floss. Twist pen to dispense gel. Smile wide, revealing teeth—Pat teeth with a tissue. (An essential step in ensuring expert whitening results). Apply a thin layer of gel to teeth, ensuring that you do not put gel on gums. Pay special attention to spaces between teeth that tend to stain more than the surface of the tooth. 5) Keep smile ensuring that lips do not touch the teeth (15-minutes preferable)

Salons: It may be used successfully in salons with a LED light for professional teeth whitening results.