Professional Strength Teeth Whitening Strips

Expertwhite Professional Peroxide Whitening Strips - Instant Results

Professional Teeth Whitening Gel. Trusted by Dentists (Since 2003). Formulated California, USA



Non-slip, professional peroxide grade gel for immediate results

The expertwhite whitening strip is designed to stay in place keeping gel close to the tooth surface. Professional strength peroxide removes stains from coffee, soda, red wine, and smoking. Safe on enamel with zero sensitivity.

Experience instant whitening results.

Wear strips for 20 minutes a day. Be amazed at the conveniences. Simply smile. apply strip and the reveal whitest teeth.

Safe on enamel. Non-toxic. Mint flavor

Expertwhite gel with hydrogen peroxide has a highly tactile consistency so that when the gel on the strip is placed on the tooth surface it does not move and shift. Thereby remaining close to tooth surface and removing stains and whitening teeth. Just 20 minutes once a day for your brightest whitest teeth. 

100% Satisfaction guarantee

We guarantee that your teeth will whiten to their lightest and brightest natural base color. This whitening gel will not whiten crowns, only natural teeth.

Tear, wear and reveal!


28 Peroxide based teeth whitening strips - 14 upper teeth strips, 14 lower teeth strips