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Carbamide peroxide Teeth Whitening Gels Made in USA Professional Grade Since 2003.

Professional Strength, dentist-approved teeth whitening gel, safe on enamel and made with high-quality materials. Comfortable and effective near-neutral 6.5 pH formula for a comfortable whitening experience and brilliant results. Adored worldwide for its effectiveness.

More gel per syringe (3cc) compared to competitors like Opalescence (1.2cc), Polanight (1.3cc), Novon (1.2cc/3cc), and Zoom (2.4cc). Contains carbamide peroxide, the preferred choice of dentists for professional whitening. 

Available Strengths:
- 16%: Mild (60 minutes or overnight treatment).
- 22%: Professional  (45 minutes or overnight treatment).
- 35%: Rapid (35 minutes treatment).
- 44%: Extreme (15 minutes treatment

12-month shelf life. 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. Made USAuntitled-designhjghjhg-2-.png

Choose your Gel Strength: