Tray (with LED light) only


The Universal Soft Flex Tray with Hands-free LED Light

One of the most important components of successful teeth whitening is the tray. Designed to hold the gel close to the tooth's surface to ensure saliva does not wash the whitening gel formula away while. The gel needs to stay close to the tooth surface to perform  the vital task of removing tooth stains and gently penetrating deep into the tooth enamel to eliminate decades of discoloration.


Gentle & Comfortable Teeth Whitening Tray

The expertwhitening™ tray is a soft a soft flexible silicone tray which ensures a comfortable fit for all mouth sizes. May be used for years. The tray is a dual arch, which means that the upper and lower trays are joined for less fuss and ease of use. Breathing holes for added comfort. Expertwhite's soft silicone tray now has a built in LED light feature. (Hands-free Whitening) This is just the tray. Gel sold separately.