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Expertwhitening, LLC supplies the finest quality teeth whitening formulations in the USA to dentists and consumers. Our premium quality tooth bleach gels effectuate clinical strength whitening results. Our commitment to using unsurpassed ingredients and ensuring a near-neutral pH balanced Carbamide Peroxide ensures a formula that has been awarded devotion by both dental practices and consumers alike.

Our pledge to manufacture in the United States has ensured consistently superior products.  The expertwhite™ gel was developed for use at home with custom-made trays.  The expertwhite™ product line has grown to offer starter kits and accessories. The end-user can expect to achieve 7-14 shades whiter teeth with a 30-Day money-back guarantee. 

A simple Philosophy
We at expertwhite want you to love your smile!

Expertwhitening's philosophy is simple. It grew from a desire to afford people the discovery of a brilliant white smile. Joy. Laughter. Confidence. Doors open, the heart sings and the world becomes extraordinary when more people are smiling. Our dedicated customers are enjoying consistent whitening results, with no discomfort and reveling in the confidence of flashing their brilliant trademark American smile.  

circle.jpg  Manufactured in USA. Learn more

circle.jpg  Premium dental-grade strength.

circle.jpg  Dentist approved and dispensed.

circle.jpg  Never tested on animals.  

circle.jpg  Formulated to the highest standard of near-neutral pH, tooth sensitivity is eliminated.

circle.jpg  30-Day money-back guarantee.

circle.jpg  Kosher and vegan.


What Our Customers Are Saying

"I am a dentist that dispenses expertwhite™ gels to my patients"

I trust the whitening results my patients achieve. Whitest teeth with no discomfort". Dr. E.Schulzer, OH

"I'm in sales and my appearance is hugely important.

I have been using expertwhite™ with my custom trays for years. I am confident I have white teeth". J Monrovia

"I am a recruitment specialist

When someone comes in for a job interview, I immediately notice their white smile (or not). Whiter teeth definitely make me respond favorably to people in job interviews.” B. Heslop, UT

"I am a personal trainer

My clients look at me for inspiration. (As well as an awesomely fit body). I flash a healthy white smile. It definitely works!” I.Keyes, United Kingdom

"I am a mother

I whiten my teeth in my car between soccer games. Just because I am a mother does not mean I need to look frumpy".
R Myers, CA

"I discovered expertwhite™ preloaded trays and LOVE them!!223testimonial2.jpg

I came across them on a bridal site. I decided to give them a go and boy did they whiten my teeth! I felt truly beautiful on my wedding day. I had my fiancé, now husband whiten his teeth with your product too". J.Setton, NJ

"I give my patients expertwhite™ gels

I stand behind my reputation as a dentist and the results my patients receive when they whiten their teeth. I am confident my patients will be able to whiten their teeth comfortably and achieve the results they are looking for with this gel". J.T Ingo, Utah

"My secret little beauty trick

People always tell me I look so healthy. I know it is because I use expertwhite.™ A smile makes a huge difference. Its the little things that make a difference, like a lovely smile. Thank you. Long time customer". S. Diane, Newport Beach

"I love your preloaded trays

You have no idea just how much I love your preloaded trays. I use them all the time and am constantly told I have the best and brightest smile. Thank you." L.Navaro, NJ

"I needed to whiten my teeth as I was the bridesmaid at my sister's wedding

and I realized that my smile was not ready for the big ady. In fact, my teeth looked yellow!. I found your professional at-home whitening starter kit and I cannot believe how different my teeth look. I actually did not know that they could be this white. I wonder why I did not whiten my teeth sooner. Thank you." J. P. Stephen, FL

"I recently had my braces removed and was so excited to see my white teeth but after they were removed my teeth were stained!

I got Expertwhite gels for use with my retainers. Unbelievable, I cannot believe that I have such straight teeth and such white teeth. I know this sounds corny but I feel like a million dollars! So happy. Thank you". S.Healy UK 

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3 key benefits

1. Brilliant White Teeth
Removes persistent stains and brightens teeth to bright white.

2. Self Confidence 
When your teeth look younger, so do you. Dull, yellowed, and stained teeth can make you appear years older. While the shade of our teeth is not necessarily an indication of dental health, people generally associate discolored teeth with aging and hygiene. Having whiter teeth increases self-esteem and gives a youthful healthy appearance.

3. A Healthy Mouth
Apart from the whitening effect of carbamide peroxide, studies have shown that carbamide peroxide solutions also protect the teeth against plaque. Hydrogen peroxide a proven weapon in the fight against bacteria by preventing bacteria buildup and plaque which causes gingivitis.  Better oral health delivers fresher breath.  Through the oxidation process of Carbamide Peroxide, it penetrates the hard to reach areas of the mouth.













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