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Expertwhite Gel Formula. California's favorite teeth whitener since 2003.

  • All gels are dentist-approved and dispensed.
  • All gels are manufactured under FDA Approved guidelines.
  • No animal testing - ever. 
  • Formulated to near neutral PH of mouth - zero sensitivity.

What makes expertwhite gel better? 

Our proprietary gel is formulated to near-neutral pH. of the mouth - ensuring a safe on enamel, comfortable whitening experience with brilliant teeth whitening results and zero sensitivity. Meet your new best teeth whitening gel.

expertwhite powerful carbamide peroxide whitening gel

Our commitment to using unsurpassed ingredients and ensuring a near-neutral pH balanced Carbamide Peroxide ensures a formula that has been awarded devotion by both dental practices and consumers alike.

Our unique expertwhite formulation contains stabilized hydrogen peroxide compound

Carbamide peroxide has been stabilized to a near-neutral PH Balance of the mouth. Expertwhite™ Gel effectively oxidizes tooth stains and gently penetrates the porous surface of the enamel within a very short time.

Dentist results

The expertwhite™ professional strength carbamide peroxide formula oxidizes and removes tooth stains even if they are 10 years old! The gel breaks down into hydrogen peroxide and urea. The hydrogen peroxide becomes a bleaching agent while the urea serves as an acid to break apart stain bonds in the teeth. Expertwhite™ Gel becomes a powerful and effective tooth whitener as it's released through contact with the air, moisture, and teeth. The gel restores a brilliant whiteness!

Oxidizes stains and restores the enamel to brilliant whiteness 

When exposed to saliva or ambient light, the carbamide peroxide causes the hydrogen peroxide and urea to separate and break apart into water molecules and oxygen ions. These oxygen ions penetrate the enamel and dentin on the teeth and work to change the molecular structure of the stain molecules.  Oxidization of enamel surface and intrinsic stains powers through and gently removes years of tooth discoloration and restores a healthy white enamel color.  As the peroxide formula penetrates the tooth enamel the oxidation process combines with organic elements and releases oxygen into the enamel's intrinsic matrix and whitens the natural compounds that make up a tooth color.  

Restores dull, yellow and stained teeth top brilliant white.

The discoloration enemy, as one ages stains from everyday lifestyle, has penetrated deep into the porous tooth enamel and in effect stained the intrinsic base color of a natural tooth. Dental discoloration is caused by tea, coffee, soda, smoking, red wine, and pasta sauce.When oxidation occurs and is exposed to deep discoloration, the intrinsic white color of the tooth is renewed. After the whitening process, the natural tooth molecules are lighter and reflect less light and stain and teeth appear white.  

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