Expertwhite 35%CP - Rapid Whitening Gel (30-min)

Made in USA | Since 2003 | Professional Grade Teeth Whitening Gel



expertwhite™ 35  Teeth Whitening Gel [30 minutes] 

This expert whitening maximum results formula has a whopping 35% Carbamide peroxide suspended in a near-neutral ph kosher grade glycerine.

Our proprietary formula includes a desensitizing & remineralization gel which is formulated to near-neutral pH. of the mouth - ensuring a comfortable whitening experience with brilliant teeth whitening results and zero sensitivity. Remineralization gel in the whitening formula allows the enamel to actively remineralize itself in the presence of fluorides, calcium, and phosphate while strengthening tooth enamel and eliminating tooth sensitivity. Meet your new best teeth whitening gel.

expertwhite™ 35 Stronger, Quicker, Faster

Due to the higher concentration of CP, this tooth bleaching gel needs to be worn for a shorter time to achieve the same results as the milder strength gel. Because this teeth bleaching gel only requires a 30-minute wear time our customers are finding it the perfect tooth bleach gel. 


expertwhite™ 3530-Minutes and You're Done

A higher strength gel, getting whitening results quicker. This gel is also becoming very popular with our dentists. However, this tooth whitener gel is not made for sensitive teeth, but assuming you have normal teeth then this is a great whitening gel. Safe on enamel.

guarantee60.jpgTreatment: Apply small drops along the upper and lower part of the tray.Wear gel in trays for 30-minutes per session. 3 applications per tube (3cc). 12-month shelf-life. Made in the USA. 


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