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 Expertwhite 35% Carbamide Peroxide Gel For Rapid Results in 30 minutes

This  maximum results formula has a whopping 35% Carbamide peroxide suspended in a near-neutral ph kosher grade glycerine.

Made in USA | Since 2003 | Professional Grade Teeth Whitening Gel. Our proprietary gel is formulated to near-neutral pH. of the mouth - ensuring a comfortable whitening experience with brilliant teeth whitening results and zero sensitivity. Meet your new best teeth whitening gel.

Stronger, Quicker, Faster: Due to the higher concentration of CP, this tooth bleaching gel needs to be worn for a shorter time to achieve the same results as the milder strength gel.  30-Minutes and You're Done: Not made for sensitive teeth, but assuming you have normal teeth then this is a great whitening gel. Safe on enamel.

Treatment: Apply small drops along the upper and lower part of the tray.Wear gel in trays for 30-minutes per session. 3 applications per tube (3cc). 12-month shelf-life. Made in the USA. 




Choose 4 gels, 8-gels or 20-gels: